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Protein-Protein Interaction
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Protein-protein Interaction Screening
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Hypromatrix is a pioneer in the development and production of protein arrays. Since our initial product launch in 2001, Hypromatrix has brought four AntibodyArray™ products to market based upon our patented technology. Hypromatrix has patented the detection of protein-protein interactions and the detection of changes in phosphorylation using antibody arrays. The detection of these interactions is an important step in the identification of novel biomarkers and the discovery of new drug targets. Hypromatrix produces protein arrays for research and development, diagnostics and therapeutic applications. The market for protein arrays is expected to grow 59% annually and is forecasted to reach $665 million in sales by 2007 (Frost and Sullivan). Our customers include leading pharmaceutical companies and top academic and industrial biomedical research laboratories. Our target market includes the more than 35,000 NIH funded laboratories, 1,500 biotech companies and 20 major pharmaceutical companies in the United States. International distributors have been established enabling worldwide sales of our products. Hypromatrix is a privately held profitable corporate entity that has offices, laboratories and manufacturing facilities in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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