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Company News Release

Hypromatrix Introduces New Protein Arrays for Protein Expression Profiling

Worcester, MA- July 24, 2003. Hypromatrix, Inc. today announced that it has formally introduced a series of Staining AntibodyArraysTM, the high throughput protein arrays for studying protein expression profiling. The new product offering includes two protein arrays and a number of accessory products including staining apparatus, motorized stages for microscopes and control programs and labeled secondary antibodies.

Recent progress in system biology and DNA microarray engineering has made it possible for researchers to study the cellular process at a global level and therefore a much more broad perspective can be achieved.  Proteomics, the studies of proteins at a global level,  provides even more meaningful insight to facilitate drug development and molecular medicine, because proteins are the direct participants of all cellular biological processes. Hypromatrix protein array products offer biomedical researchers and pharmaceutical scientists a more powerful, efficient and accurate tool to perform their proteomic research.

"Staining AntibodyArraysTM exemplified our commitment to providing the best products to our customers. This protein array give you the chance to perform a protein expression profiling assay in a less than 4 hours of time and you can generate a lot of interesting data on the expression and localization of 100 signaling proteins covering various cellular pathways. " said, Dr. James Wang, the Chief Technology Officer of Hypromatrix.

About Hypromatrix, Inc.

Hypromatrix is a leading technology provider for drug development and biomedical research. Based on its proprietary AntibodyArrayTM technology, the company has commercialized a series of protein array products. Those protein arrays has been applied to a wide variety of proteomic applications by life scientists in universities, medical research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and biotech industry.






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