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Protein-Protein Interaction
Protein Phosphorylation
Signal Transduction AntibodyArray
Apoptosis AntibodyArray
CellCycle AntibodyArray
Custom AntibodyArray
Primary Antibodies
Labeled Antibodies
Protein-protein Interaction Screening
Gene Cloning
Gene Expression
Protein Purification

Product Ordering

Catalog No. Product Price($)
HM3000 Signal Transduction AntibodyArrayTM 980.00
HM3000-100T Trial Antibody Array free with purchase of HM3000
HM4000 Apoptosis  AntibodyArrayTM 490.00
HM5000 Cell Cycle  AntibodyArrayTM 220.00
HM6000 Custom  AntibodyArrayTM 20.00+5.00/Ab
HM8100 Staining  AntibodyArrayTM 380.00
HM8900 Trial Staining  AntibodyArrayTM free
HM8000 AntibodyArrayTM Staining Apparatus 230.00
HM2010-HM2090 Labeled Antibodies 100.00
HM1001-HM1400 Primary Antibodies 80.00


Customers Outside of USA and Canada
International Distributors


US and Canadian Customers
US and Canadian customers can order our products by fax or by telephone. Purchase Orders and Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa) are accepted.
Fax Number:  (508) 302-0748

(Fax any one of the three documents)

A Copy of Your PO
PO Order Form
Credit Card Order Form
Telephone: (508) 856-7900.
For orders including Custom AntibodyArray (HM6000), please fill out and enclose the Custom AntibodyArray Selection Form with your PO or Order Form.

Tel: (508) 856-7900   Fax: (508) 302-0748

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