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Western BlotterTM

         Catalog Number: HM9010


Western BlotterTM is a fully automated Western blot processor that can perform all steps after proteins are transferred to a membrane, including shaking, blocking, hybridization, washing, and recycling. It will relieve researchers from repeat and tedious task of adding solutions, increase their productivity and give them more freedom and control over schedule.

With Western BlotterTM, you can strictly control blotting conditions, therefore increase assay reproducibility and easily establish optimal protocol. Western Blotter can save not only researcherís time but also expensive primary antibodies.

Key Features

         Intuitive design, works the same way as standard western. No special kits to buy.

         8 pumps, each for a different solution, no cross-contamination.

         Easy change between small and large blotting chambers.

         Automatic cleaning.

         Recover any reagent when needed.

         Perform individual task such as shaking and adding a solution.

         Flexibility to use complicated or modified blotting procedure.

         Compact: 9 (W) x 11 (D) x 9 (H) inch.


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